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Welcome to the Geo-Trust Network

Established in 2012, Geo-Trust is a Network of like-minded companies and individuals who provide clients with an enhanced portfolio of geotechnical services, having ready access to a referral list of top experts.

Geo-Trust members are among the most successful companies and individuals in the industry at understanding and effectively implementing their areas of geotechnical expertise.


Geostructural monitoring
Ground improvement technologies
Hydrogeologic investigations in karst
Seismic engineering
In-Ground performance of materials
Groundwater resource investigation and management
Mine development and reclamation
Performance of earth structures and slopes
Geologic modeling
Engineering: dam and levee, civil, mechanical, ground

Ground anchoring
Ground and geotechnical structure support technologies
Seepage cutoff wall technologies
Excavation support fluids: bentonite and polymer
Market analyses
Project and crisis management
Construction consulting
Construction management support services
Geotechnical construction oversight/review

23 individuals - One Goal!

To provide our clients with a ready and willing team of expert-level geotechnical practitioners.



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Istvàn Almàsi

Peter Amos

Donald Bruce

Peter Cali

Trevor Carter

Marcelo Chuaqui

James Cockburn

James Collin

John Cowland

Larry Dorsey

George Filz

Yusof Ghanaat

Stephan Jefferis

Scott Kieffer

Jim Lolcama

Antonio Marinucci

Devon Mothersille

John Muñiz

Richard Muñiz

George Sills

Francisco Silva-Tulla

David Yang

Jack Byers

Mike Terry